Monday, 18 August 2014

What's in my hospital bag - Part 1

My aim by the end of the summer holidays was to have my hospital bag packed! After a bit of online shopping and a visit to Primark I think I am packed and my bags now live in the hall!

As a first time Mum-to-be I had no idea what I needed. My dad insists that they give you everything you need in hospital… Well according to the videos on youtube and the blog posts I have been reading I know that is not true!

My hospital suggests splitting your stuff into labour and birth/after your birth rather than Mum/baby bags. I have probably vastly over packed but here are the contents of my hospital bag for labour and birth. I will do another post with the contents of my ‘after the birth’ bag.

1.  Bag – Debenhams £23
This just about fits all of my labour/birth stuff.
2.   Green Notes
These aren’t actually in my bag yet as I still need to take them to midwife appointments – I need to make sure that I don't forget them!

3.   Entertainment
After sitting for ages with the fetal monitor attached I realised how boring my husband is going to find early labour so we are bringing the tablet so that we can listen to music and play games (Hopefully!)

4.   Pregnancy Pillow – Tesco £29.63
I haven’t decided whether I will take this or not. But I plan on having it in the car and I will send my husband to get it if I want it. Someone told me it is handy to have after the birth for support when breast feeding.

5. Nighty - Primark £7
I wanted something with buttons so that it is easy to have skin to skin contact as soon as the baby is born.

6.   Flip Flops – Asda £3
I bought these in large as my feet are swollen and bigger these days! I thought they would be good for walking around in the hospital and for wearing in the shower.
7.   Fluffy Socks – Seasalt £12.95 for a box of 2
A lot of the videos I watched on youtube suggested packing a pair of socks as your feet often get cold during labour. 

8.   Dress – Primark £5
I bought this for labour as the hospital suggested having a couple of outfits for labour and I think I will probably feel quite hot so I wanted something without sleeves.

9.   Vest Top - Primark £1.75
I am hoping to use the birth pool during labour so I packed this to wear in there. I didn’t want to buy a tankini or bikini as I won’t wear it again and I might not even get to use the birth pool.

10.   Hot Water Bottle
I always get terrible lower back ache when I have my period and a hot water bottle helps. I figured that labour is going to be even worse than period pains (obviously) so this HAD to go in my hospital bag. Not sure if you are meant to use them when you are pregnant though – need to check this out.

11.   Cooling Mist
This was recommended by the hospital. Hopefully it will keep me cool.

12.   Cup with straw – Asda £2
Hopefully my husband will keep this topped up with ice cold water. Someone recommended having a straw to make it easier to drink during labour. I am hoping the hospital will have a supply of ice chips that I can eat…

13.   Towel and Flannel - Primark
These are on the hospital list to be packed in the first bag.

14.   Dressing Gown – TKMaxx
I wanted something lightweight to throw on if I have visitors – I can’t stand big fluffy dressing gowns as I get too hot. Everything I read recommended bringing dark clothes for after you give birth. The hospital said to pack this in your labour bag – presumably for if you end up walking around the corridors during labour?!

15.   BIG knickers – Primark £2.50 for 4
I was advised not to bother with disposable knickers and to just buy big, cheap, DARK ones that can be thrown away.

16.   Maternity Pads – Boots £1.05 for 10
I didn’t realise that I would need these during labour aswell as after I give birth. Apparently your waters don’t always break in one go – it can go on for ages… nice. I have lots more of these in my other bag too.

17.   Cosmetics Bag – TKMaxx £9.99
Contents are in the photo below. 
18. Face wipes
19.   Seven Seas Pregnancy Tablets
20.   Paracetamol – recommended by a friend as she said they didn't do much for pain during early labour so she took her own paracetamol. 
21.   Deodorant
22.   Rennies
23.   Hair brush
24.   Toothpaste
25.   Toothbrush (and one for my husband too)
26.   Lip balm – apparently your lips getting really dry during labour
27. Shampoo
28. Moisturiser
29. Hair bobbles
30. Shower Gel – unperfumed for delicate lady bits after birth!
31. Disposable Nursing Pads – I haven’t packed many of these because it takes a few days  for your milk to come in so hopefully I won’t really need many.
32. Dry Shampoo My hair gets sooo greasy – I need this incase I can’t shower!
33. Lansinoh Lanolin Nipple Cream – apparently a MUST!
34. Arnica Tablets – These are supposed to help heal bruising more quickly but shouldn’t  be taken until after the birth. 

I also have some bits and bobs that need to be added closer to the time:
·         Birth Plan – I need to discuss this with my midwife before we finish writing ours.
·         Money for the car park – I think we are just going to pay £19 for the weekly pass.
·         A change of clothes for my husband - if we are there for hours he might want to freshen up. 
·         Chargers – for our phones and the tablet.
·         Kindle – Pretty sure that I won’t use this but would hate to not pack it and then wish that I had!
·         Camera and Video Camera – plus memory cards and chargers
·         Drinks and Snacks
·         List of phone numbers – Just in case for some unknown reason both of our phones stop working!!

So that is it for my labour/birth hospital bag. Have I missed anything really important? Have I packed things that I really won’t need?

I have some more bits of bobs for me but they will be going in my second bag which I will write a post about soon.


  1. Definitely take your pillow, its nice to have that bit of home with you and hospital pillows are rubbish for feeding support! X


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